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We provide high quality wedding photography for smaller to medium sized weddings in and around Cornwall, ON, but without the high prices charged by some other Cornwall area wedding photographers. In today's world, not everyone has a huge wedding budget.

Our unique, friendly and experienced wedding photographers are ideal for your Cornwall, Ontario area wedding. We like to encourage authentic smiles, rather than the fake ones, and we do that by capturing the real joy of your wedding day moments with pro camera equipment. If low prices, high quality, and having fun appeal to you, the photographers at Cornwall Wedding Photos may be just what you are looking for.

Our packages start in the hundreds of dollars, not the thousands. Our Cornwall Wedding Photographers can capture your preparations, the ceremony, perhaps a photoshoot in an outdoor area, and we can also be there to capture the excitement at the reception.

Compare for yourself, and perhaps you'll feel that we are the best choice in Cornwall for your wedding photography. If so, we'd love to hear from you.

Meet the Team

John Lister

John Lister has been a photographer for many years, including two and a half years as a Google Trusted Photographer in their Business Views project. His keen eye and sense of what might make a great shot, allows him to set up poses and groupings and capture uniquely beautiful and fun photographs. As the main photographer of the team, he provides the professional level of expertise and shares Marlene's positive attitude, which our clients have come to know and trust.

Marlene Baker

Marlene Baker is our 'second shooter', an option you may request with your wedding package. She has a background in creative design, having studied fashion arts clothing design for 2 years, along with some modeling. More recently she has modelled at local bridal shows, and currently writes a newspaper column, "Positively Marlene". She provides a second set of eyes, assisting with everything from hair, makeup and props, to location, lighting and expressions.

Your Ceremony

We respect your ceremony and try to be as discreet as possible. Some churches or officiants have strict rules about photographers, such as not using flashes, or remaining seated. We can use camera settings to accommodate the no-flash rule, but generally obtain better results when we use a flash for your wedding photography. Please be certain to advise us in advance of any restrictions so that we can accommodate you. The best photos will be obtained when we are free to move around and capture the precious moments as they happen.

If your ceremony is outdoors, even in a forest or other out-of-the-way location, we can still accommodate you. Please let us know all the details in advance, and we'll be well equipped to capture your special day.


Our Wedding Packages

We don't have fancy schmancy Wedding Photography package names. We try to simply things, so we've decided to make it easy as 1, 2, 3 to choose the right package for your wedding photography requirements.

Our Wedding Photography packages have been put together for your convenience. It is not necessary to make a choice from them, as we also offer our services at hourly rates. Please find our current rate schedule listed below. We can be hired for as little as one hour for only $200, should you have a very small wedding planned and on a tight budget. Please note that all prices on this website are subject to change without notice.

* Free 'Trash the Dress' shoot coupon must be redeemed within 12 months of your wedding shoot, safety conditions also apply, and you must agree to sign a waiver.

Hourly Rate Schedule
$200 for one photographer for one hour
$180 for each additional hour
$350 for two photographers for one hour
$250 for two photographers, each additional hour
$160 'Trash the Dress' photo shoot
$120 Hourly rate for Engagement photo shoot

GREEN SCREEN Photography

Green Screen

Just like Hollywood, we can put you in front of a green screen and change the background to anything or anywhere you can imagine! It takes just minutes to pop into our studio for a quick green screen photo-shoot. This can be done on your wedding day, or just before. Limited only by your imagination, you can have that storybook wedding photo, or become superheros! This is a very unique way to create a wedding photo you'll remember for a long time.

Green Screen Photography

Pop by our studio in your regular clothes, your wedding attire, a special costume, or bring them and change here. It only takes minutes to capture those perfect poses that we'll use to create your magical images.

Up to 30 Minutes Shooting
Advanced Image Editing
Final Photo sent by e-mail

Trash the Dress

Trash the Dress is a symbolic destruction of the wedding dress, shortly after the wedding has taken place. It is thought that keeping the dress implied that it may be needed again, but ceremoniously destroying it tells the world that you believe the marriage will last. It is a fun and artistic way to remember the dress for years to come. We always put safety first, so we will NOT shoot in deep rivers, or suggest using dangerous elements such as fire while shooting. Although the bride alone may trash the dress, sometimes the groom takes place, but more commonly it is the bride and her bridesmaids creating a fun and crazy atmosphere while ruining dresses that would likely never have been worn again.

This is a question we get asked often. If you really wish to keep your expensive dress, you may pick up a low-cost substitute at a thrift shop, and enjoy making fun memories that result from taking part in a Trash the Dress photoshoot. You're still sacrificing a dress which symbolizes that the dress has done its job, and you are now married happily ever after. You're still having what some brides describe as the best fun they've ever had, and getting to keep artistic photos to look back upon. It's a win-win situation, especially since we're offering it at no charge*.

Trash the Bride

When you are ready to trash your dress, we'll discuss your plans and ensure a safe and fun environment is chosen. It is not necessary to trash your heels, but you could pick up an inexpensive pair at a thrift shop, or just go barefoot. You might consider water, mud, paint, etc. as ways to trash your dress.

$160 FREE*
Up to 2 Hours Shooting
Image Editing
Final Photos sent by e-mail
*Free when we shoot your wedding

Trash the Wedding Party

For even more fun, and photos that will capture that fun, why not include your bridesmaids? Most bridesmaid dresses do not get worn again, and including your girls provides a party atmosphere for an already crazy time! You could make a 'fake' wedding cake and stage a food fight, or just go into the water, or get into some mud.

$260 FREE*
Up to 2 Hours Shooting
Image Editing
Final Photos sent by e-mail
*Free when we shoot your wedding

Our Trash The Dress photo shoots are intended to be fun, artistic, and very wet or dirty. We recommend that you bring a change of clothing, and wear something appropriate, such as a swimsuit under your clothing. Your trashed items can be brought home for disposal in a large plastic bag. We also ask that you not leave a location littered. We'll help, but we ask that your crew also pick up any trash left over from the shoot.

* Free 'Trash the Dress' shoot coupon must be redeemed within 12 months of your wedding shoot, safety conditions also apply, and you must agree to sign a waiver. Free shoots are only provided when we have provided your wedding photography.


Tracey D., Cornwall

"My husband and I were very impressed with the quality, professionalism and adaptability of John's work. He was able to capture the more formal setting of our wedding ceremony and then capture the fun side of our 80s themed reception both through photographs at the hall and through use of green screen technology in his studio. Thank you John and Marlene for capturing our special day in your special way."

Florence P., Montreal

"Our wedding pictures are unique and truly beautiful. Everyone who sees them goes like 'WOW'. Thanks again John for making our special day truly memorable. I will recommend you any day, any time with no reservation. Please keep up the great work and keep working with your heart."

Sylvie O., Cornwall

"John and Marlene took time out of their busy schedules to visit the location with us so that we could show them where we wanted photos taken. They did an amazing job capturing the essence of our day and the fun we have together as a couple. John's natural talent and Marlene's bubbly personality and warmth put us right at ease. We were also pleasantly surprised to receive as a gift of a video of our first dance. Thank you both for being a part of our memorable day."



We often get asked the same quetions over and over again. To save you time, we've posted some of the most common questions and answers here.

Why do photographers charge so much just to click a button?

Time: What may look like a 3 hour wedding photoshoot actually requires a lot more time. There is travel and set up, preparation of camera equipment, the actual shoot, more travel, transferring and backing up the images, hours of post-processing, review and delivery to clients, electronically and/or in print. So no, you are not simply paying for someone to 'press a button' for a few hours.

Gear: Professional photographers purchase professional equipment. Thousands upon thousands are spent on camera bodies, lenses, flash equipment, tripods, light stands, and cases. In addition to that, there is the computer equipment and all the required software necessary for post-production of your photos.

Quality: Professional photographers have been trained to understand their art, in order to provide the highest quality of images possible. Without compromise, you can count on consistently receiving the best quality images.

Experience: Professional photographers have the experience in knowing what to suggest, how to handle a situation (like a sudden downpour) and can advise accordingly.

Uniqueness & Quality: A good photographer will have a unique style, yet every shoot will look different. They know how to infuse freshness into every situation.

The Iphone camera is pretty good. Why do I need to hire a professional?

Quality: If you are comparing a nicely lit, outdoor scene, shot with an Iphone to the same photo shot with a professional camera, they may appear similar. But photos with less than perfect lighting, back-lit photos, photos where you benefit from a nice depth of field, wider angle shots, all benefit greatly from professional cameras. Having guests shoot with phones may work for a few photos, but not overall.

Skill: The typical person has not developed an eye for image composition. Therefore, guests at your wedding may shoot some photos with acceptable clarity, color and quality, but what will the end result look like? Do your friends and family know how to compose a scene using lines in background objects, or correct placement in the field of view to increase interest? I didn't think so.

Experience: A professional photographer will have encountered many obstacles before, such as the sun shining behind a bride as she enters a chapel, turning her into a silhouette. There are thousands of other decisions being made at all times, such as what angles to shoot from, what lens and camera settings to use, and much more. This results in a style of artistry in the final photos, skills your guests will not have been able to develop, nor would they be able to if using a phone camera.

I've known you for years. Why do you need a deposit?

Life happens. A deposit is a guarantee that protects us both. For starters, we will have your date booked long in advance, and will be prepared and on time for your big day. Next, we are protected in case you change your wedding plans. An example would be where a couple makes a last-minute decision to combine the honeymoon with the ceremony, by getting married at a tropical location, rather than their initial plan of a local wedding.

The deposit requires that we each take the other party seriously, and it assures that there will be no unexpected last-minute disappointments.

If we shoot for friends or family without a deposit, we run the risk of having it cancelled without a chance of getting another booking on that day. You too, would run the risk that we'd take a higher paying job and not show up. The deposit just locks everything into place and is standard practice.

Do you use a Nikon? My cousin says that's the only professional brand

You may be familiar with the whole 'GM versus Ford' argument. In photographic circles, there is a similar 'Nikon versus Canon' argument. Both brands are just that - brands. Among each brand are varying degrees of low, medium and high priced cameras.

There is no answer to which is better. Professional photographers tend to use either one, as both brands manufacture high-end camera equipment.

When you go to a restaurant, do you concern yourself with the brand of stove in the kitchen? No, because you trust that the chef will use that stove as a tool to produce the end result. It is much the same with photography.

As brands go, we happen to prefer Canon, but we have nothing bad to say about Nikon either. I think it depends upon which brand a photographer began using. Both brands can produce high end images if the photographer knows how to use the camera.

My friend said he will take the photos for free with his new Canon Rebel

First of all, if your friend just got the rebel, an entry-level DSLR, he probably has little or no experience taking photographs.

Be aware that a professional photographer uses a much higher-quality camera, and has years of experience with shooting.

Perhaps you can get some extra shots with this camera, but we were at a wedding where a friend showed up with a rebel, and the resulting photos were blurry and dark. They had hoped the friend would save them the expense of hiring a professional photographer. As a result, they did not get any nice wedding photos on their big day.

Will you be Photographing the Reception?

Due to poor lighting, lots of movement, and the guests tendency to want to drink and have fun, we try to avoid shooting your entire reception.

We can be on hand during the dinner and to capture toasts, etc. right afterwards. Also, the cutting of the cake may take place at that time, as well as the first dance. But after this, things become less and less conducive to good photos. This is the time to have your guests use their phones to capture the reception.

In our experience, guests at a reception are getting intoxicated, feel like it's party time, and often don't like the idea of a camera in their face. With ties undone, shirts un-tucked and jackets off, the formality of the day is over, and your friends and family often just want to let their hair down.

These are only a few of the more common questions we are often asked. Please contact us with your specific questions, and we'll be more than happy to answer them.


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